N.R. Burger Middle celebrates Black History Month

Written By: Charles Herrington, WDAM 
HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Dozens of students at N.R. Burger Middle School celebrated Black History Month Friday.

Their program focused on music from the early 20th century.

The production was called, “Lift Every Voice and Sing: Journey Through the Harlem Renaissance.”

It featured music and dance styles from the Roaring 20′s, as well as dramatic readings.

“We worked real hard for months, just in the classroom, then we had practiced all together in the room, which was kind of chaotic at first, but we got it together,” said Gabrielle Cox, an 8th grade student who danced in the program.

“You get to learn more about history that you never knew happened back then, you get to learn different genres, different lyrics,” said Logan Rich, another 8th-grade student who plays violin in the school’s orchestra.

“It’s our hope and goal that the students were able to learn more about that time frame around the Harlem Renaissance around those roaring 1920′s and everything that came out of that time period,” said Carol Jones, principal of N.R. Burger Middle School.

The event also featured a special vocal performance from the University of Southern Mississippi associate professor of music Kimberley Davis.