About N.R. Burger Middle School

N.R. Burger Middle School serves as the educational bridge between the Hattiesburg Public School District’s five neighborhood elementary schools and Hattiesburg High School. Burger Middle School is designed to meet the unique developmental needs of early adolescents. The standout feature of Burger Middle School is the division of the student population into teams, what educators would call “small interdisciplinary learning communities.” The “Teams” are designed to support a more nurturing atmosphere for our students who are transitioning through the very difficult path of early adolescence. Classrooms are clustered together in the same wing of the building. Each team is comprised of five teachers. Together, team teachers provide instruction in mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, and technology. Each group of teachers teach the same group of students everyday.


The vision of N.R Burger Middle School is to create a model teaching and learning environment that prepares every student for success in life, college, and the workforce.


The mission of N.R. Burger Middle School is to educate all students to become productive citizens of a dynamic, global community.

Belief Statement

We believe that our work is a shared focus to educate, equip, and empower learners; we are committed to a mindset that our urgency is to execute effective teaching and learning experiences to ensure our students are built for greatness.


Built to L.E.A.D.! We... Love learning, Excel in all we do, Achieve goals together, Do what is right.