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Books of the Week

8th Grade

Klepeis, Alicia 
AR Quiz No. 162027 Nonfiction
BL: 5.5 - AR Pts: 1.0

  1. Name one of the 3 most common languages spoken in Africa.
  2. How is the Sahara different than it was 9,000 years ago?
  3. What is the Sahel?
  4. What is the Great Rift Valley?
  5. Why is the baobab tree sometimes called the upside-down tree? What are its uses?
  6. What animal changes their body temperature to adapt to the environment in Africa?
  7. Who was the first democratically elected president in South Africa?
  8. What major sporting event was held in South Africa?
  9. What does the number of beaded necklaces represent?
  10. Define cash crops.

7th Grade

John Adams:  The 2nd President

by Josh Gregory

AR Quiz Number:  171991


John Adams

by Ann Graham Gaines

AR Quiz Number:  127071


1.  How did President Adams feel about public schools?
2. What was Adams' role during the Boston Massacre? (pg.12)
3.  What was President Adams' role when he visited Holland and France? (pg. 14)
4.  As the VP under President Washington, what was Adams'  main job? (p.18) What was his second job? (pg. 18)
5. Did President Adams choose his own cabinet? Was this a problem? (pg. 24)
6.  Describe the Sedition Act. (pgs. 28-29)
7.  Name 1 reason citizens turned against President Adams. (pg. 33)
8. Did President Adams participate in the United States 50th Birthday Celebration? (pg. 36)
9.  What did President Adams and President Jefferson have in common? (pg. 37)


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