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Book of the Week

7th Grade

Explore North America

by Molly Aloian

Pre-Test Questions

  1. What are large areas of water on Earth called?
  2. Name the 7 continents.
  3. How many countries are in North America?
  4. What is the imaginary line that separates Earth into two equal parts?
  5. Why is the weather in the Caribbean warm all year long?
  6. Name 1 mountain range in North America.
  7. What is the main difference between a mountain and a volcano?
  8. Name the 5 Great Lakes.
  9. Trees are found on the tundra. T or F
  10. What is the difference between coniferous trees and broadleaved trees?
  11. Name the 3 different types of prairies in North America.
  12. Which of the following is not a desert in North America? Yucatan, Sonoran, Mojave, Chihuahuan
  13. What is a rural area?
  14. What is Niagara Falls?

8th Grade
The Reconstruction Era 
by Susan Latta
AR Quiz #:  169822


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