STARTING APRIL 19, 2017, BURGER MIDDLE SCHOOL WILL BEGIN THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI END OF THE YEAR (MAP) TESTING! These assessments are computerized and rigorous; they designed to see how our students and teachers compare to others across the state of Mississippi. This time period of April 19 - May 19 is critical and we ask you to prepare your child to be present everyday, actively participating, well rested, and motivated to perform his/her best everyday on these State assessments.


April 3, 2017
BMS Track @ Petal 
4:00 p.m.

April 5, 2017
FCA in the Gym
7:20 am

April 8, 2017
BMS Forensics Tournament

2016-2017 Bell Schedule

Breakfast Ends = 7:20 am
Tardy Bell = 7:23 am
1st Period = 7:23 am - 8:26 am
2nd Period = 8:29 am - 9:24 am
3rd Period = 9:27 am - 10:22 am
4th Period = 10:25 am - 11:20 am
5th Period = 11:23 am - 12:42 pm (LUNCH)
6th Period = 12:45 pm - 1:40 pm
7th Period = 1:43 pm - 2:47 pm
Dismissal = 2:47 pm

The school day begins at 7:20 a.m. Students may receive disciplinary  actions after three (3) tardies.



Core Value of the Month:
COURTESY - considerate behavior toward others; a polite remark or gesture

  Burger At A Glance… 

550 students



 School Colors:  

Purple and Gold


"Together Burger W.I.N.S"

N.R. Burger Middle School Goals
  1. Increase the percentage of students scoring proficient/advanced from 72% to 81% in mathematics.
  2. Increase the percentage of students scoring proficient/advanced from 51% to 71% in language arts.
  3. Increase the percentage of advance on SATP2 Algebra exam from 55% to 60%.
  4. Increase the percentage of proficient/advance on MAAECF Math AND ELA XX to 100%.
  5. Increase the percentage of proficient/advance on 8th Grade Science from 60% to 65%.
  6. Ensure 50% targeted attendance for all parental and community engagement events.
  7. Decrease the number of OSS from XXX to 100.
  8. Maintain 95% average daily attendance










(L to R): Mr. Christopher Mark, 7th Grade Assistant Principal; 
Mrs. Tonsa Vaughn, Principal; 
Dr. Michael Eubanks, 8th Grade Assistant Principal

N. R. Burger Mission Statement:
  • The mission of N. R. Burger Middle School is to EDUCATE ALL STUDENTS to become ACADEMICALLY PROFICIENT and SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE.

N. R. Burger Vision Statement:

  • N. R. Burger Middle School will become a MODEL TEACHING AND LEARNING COMMUNITY that promotes college and career ready students who are prepared to succeed in a dynamic, global society.

 N. R. Burger Belief Statement:

  • We believe that our work is a shared focus to educate, equip, and empower learners; we are committed to a mindset that our urgency is to execute effective teaching and learning experiences to prepare “Today’s Learners” to succeed as “Tomorrow’s Leaders.”

N. R. Burger Motto:

  • Together Burger W.I.N.S. Winning. Improving. Never Giving Up. Succeeding

2016-2017 Asbestos Management Plan

The asbestos management plan for Hattiesburg Public Schools 
is available for review by interested person.
This documentation includes any changes of asbestos containing material (ACM) in schools and buildings.  to provide continuing management of asbestos in schools and buildings, ACMs are inspected every six months by an engineering firm.  Changes are recorded in a report as part of the management plan.  Copies of the report and plan are located in each principal's office.  Copies of all plans are maintained at the Department of Capital and Facilities Maintenance, 244 Dauphine St. Hattiesburg, MS.

2016-2017 Drop Out Prevention Plan

2016-2017 HPSD Attendance Policy 
& Bus Stops Policy

For questions, comments or concerns please contact 
N.R. Burger Middle School at (601) 582-0536.

N. R. Burger Middle School Report Card 

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N. R. Burger Middle School Report Card

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